These conditions apply to and govern all sales realized via the website or otherwise. The performance of any order implies that you have read and accepted these conditions of sales.

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1. Generalities

Unless otherwise noted special agreement in writing, sending the request by the Customer implies your agreement with these general conditions of sale. No stipulation made by the Client on the terms of purchase, bills, receipts or other documents differ from the ones established by Talleres GAMOR, S.L., if it has not been expressly accepted by the Company earlier. The information contained in the brochures and price lists are only indicative. Talleres GAMOR, S.L. may modify them at any time, without notice, in the light of changing economic conditions, with the best intention to informe the customer of these changes.


2. Orders

All orders may be made in writing or by telephone. An order is not final until it is accepted by Talleres GAMOR, S.L. Any stipulation to repeal or supplement these general conditions of sale shall be deemed accepted by the customer if there is no written reply.


3. Prices

Once you select the desired product, the price of it is displayed in Euros and VAT is not included. The final price to be displayed does not include the costs related to the shipment. Orders from individuals and products that do not have the price in the catalogue of Talleres GAMOR, S.L. is billed as the price stipulated in the quotation.


4. Delivery

1. With the exception of a possible agreement particular products catalogue of Talleres GAMOR, S.L. will be served at the agreed time-frame from the date of payment or from the acceptance of the order by Talleres GAMOR, S.L. . Delivery times listed are for guidance and Talleres GAMOR, S.L. strives to respect them. However, their delay does not imply the cancellation of the order or any compensation. Any penalty clause for delay introduced by the Customer in your order is discontinued by the application of Section 1 of the present conditions of sale.
2. The delivery is considered completed since the product becomes available to the Client by the carrier and the recipient signing the receipt of delivery. It is for the recipient to verify the products receiving the same and expose all the caveats and claims that can be justified.
3. If products are not served in accordance with nature or the amount specified in the delivery order, you must make your complaint within seven (7) days of delivery.
4. Deliveries will be made with fees charged to the client, unless it is made under circumstances involving shipping.
5. Only orders are processed for Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, Andorra and Portugal. For the repayment of amounts in order solicitdos outside this geographic area, must be formulated by crediting the corresponding claim the payment as much ownership over it.


5. Proprietary - Risks

1. Talleres GAMOR, S.L. expressly reserves the ownership of goods delivered to the payment of the purchase price, interest, costs and so on. As a result, not be considered paid under this provision, bills of exchange, promissory notes, checks or any other title that creates an obligation to pay until they reach success in the collection of such documents.
2. However, the risks are transferred to the customer from surrender of the products. The Client is committed to the custody and maintenance of products and to sign the relevant insurance to cover damage and casualties that could be caused to the products.
3. Should you suspend payments, Talleres GAMOR, S.L. may reclaim the goods. The amounts previously paid to be held Talleres GAMOR, S.L. by way of penalty clause.


6. Payment terms

1. Except as otherwise particular, the products are paid by bank transfer or otherwise made available by Talleres GAMOR, S.L. .
2. The payment terms can not be delayed under any circumstances. You may not withhold any amount on the amount due on time.
3. The sale, transfer, delivery or deposit contribution in society by the Customer of all or part of its business or its materials, as well as the lack of payment, authorize Talleres GAMOR, S.L. without prejudice to rights and other actions, to suspend delivery to complete the payment. The amounts due shall be due immediately.


7. Resolutory clause

1. The total or partial breach by Customer of its obligations, the serving of some pay their maturity, a delay in the payment of the Client and, in particular, knowledge of their protest or a bond on all or part of their business, could have, at the discretion of Talleres GAMOR, S.L. On the one hand, the expiry of the deadline and therefore the immediate payment of the outstanding amounts, as well as the disruption of supply, and for the termination of all current contracts.
2. The resolution of the contracts will occur automatically and without legal formalities within a period of seven (7) days from delivery to the customer's demand for payment by letter with acknowledgment of receipt by indicating the intention to use this clause.
3. In case of implementing this clause decisive, Talleres GAMOR, S.L. or their representatives are expressly authorized to enter the premises of the Customer to recover the products affected by the application of paragraph sixth.


8. Return of products

If you are not satisfied with products purchased in Talleres GAMOR, S.L. The have to repay over a period of not more than 7 days after receiving the product. Refunds are to be sent along with the delivery.
In the event of returning a product (that is not always bad), transportation costs (both delivery and return, as applicable) to be borne by the buyer as well as all bank charges generated on account of this transaction. Management expenses charged by the service Contra Reimbursement is not returned in any circumstances.
The refund amount will be by subscription. In case of fertilizers for products brought in specifically for the client, the fertilizer is carried out once the product returned to the supplier and claimed the repayment.
The rules regarding returns in good condition, are as follows:
* No refunds will be admitted to not come in their original packaging in perfect condition and with the product in perfect condition.
For all other possible claim or occurrence, we recommend you contact us in claims, or through our telephone customer service: 943-691093, during office hours telephone. The claims for possible incidents as the product is delivered damaged, broken, wrong or otherwise subject to complaint, it will follow the following steps:
* Make note of any anomaly in the delivery of the product at the time of delivery. If it was not possible to state the fact in the delivery, please contact us by email or fax, on the day of delivery, or in any event within 24 hours of delivery.
* Please note the following rules of the carrier: The delivery order is proof of the status of the goods. The consignee is obliged to record the delivery if the consignment is damage and if the issue is complete. No claims will be admitted if it does not in delivery and if you make the claim after the 24 hours after the delivery of the same. It should not slip before signing a receipt for the goods, if the dealer said it will not receptions or to record that fact in the delivery.
* In case of replacement of a defective product: Talleres GAMOR, S.L. undertakes to deliver another product to the customer in perfect condition and collect the faulty. In the event that you can not make this change, the customer will pay the full amount of any advance.


9. Guarantee

It may be that unclogging the products offered are from leading brands and the best quality. They are not products "B" or exposure. He also noted that the products they Talleres GAMOR, S.L. Offer are sealed by suppliers and manufacturers, unless expressly, which would be communicated to the customer that the product has been reviewed or that it conducted a routine check.

The security of the products offered byTalleres GAMOR, S.L. is for a period of years from the date of delivery. It does not include deficiencies caused by neglect, beatings, use or handling, tension is not ideal, improper installation by non-authorized service where appropriate, or materials subject to wear their normal use.

The client has a full guarantee (return of the proceeds and returned to another premiere) in the event that the product is any of this operation within the first week. All associated costs will be borne by Talleres GAMOR, S.L. .

After this time, the customer will have the following options:
1) Find the article in question to an approved establishment for possible repair.
2) Contact directly with Talleres GAMOR, S.L. through any means of contact posted on its Web page, so you can deal with the handling of the product and bring it to an expert. Shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

To activate the guarantee is required:
1) Invoice of purchase and delivery.

The warranty is not valid in case of external factors to the normal use of the product, such as increases or decreases in tension, inappropriate use of accessories or prohibited by the manufacturers, falls, water, fire or mishandling or abusive by the customer or by third persons not authorized by the manufacturers or materials subject to wear their normal use.

In the case of software items, the warranty does not cover the removal of viruses, restoration of programs for this reason or reinstallation of the disk caused by the deletion of the same.

The warranty will begin on the day of delivery of the order.


10. Force majeure

The parties are not liable for any absence due to force majeure. The fulfillment of the obligation will be delayed until the cessation of force majeure. If the force majeure extends beyond two (2) months of the contract may be terminated at the request of either party, without any compensation


11. Other

1. These general conditions of sale and signed contracts, are governed by the applicable law, which is Spanish law only. 
2. Any dispute concerning the interpretation or enforcement of the general conditions of sale and any contract signed with a client shall be the sole responsibility of the Arbitration Council of the Chamber of Commerce of Guipúzcoa in Donostia-San Sebastian.

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